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With Speed Controlled Spiral Mixer Dough Mixing Machine ASHY50

With Speed Controlled with Spiral Mixer Dough Mixing Machine ASHY 50


Mixer Engine with Speed Control With Spiral Mixer Self-Roller Bowl Dough Mixing Machine


Dough Mixing Machine Capacity 50 Kg Dough (30 kg flour)
Dough Mixing Machine Engine feature Bottom reductor engine 0.75 Kw
Dough Mixing Machine Bottom reductor rolling speed (boiler rolling speed) 15 mins / turnover
Dough Mixer Engine Property Top Reductor Engine 5.0 Kw
Dough Mixer Engine Property Top Reductor Rolling Speed 140 mins/turnover
Dough Mixer Engine Property Top Reductor Rolling Speed can be set between 1 and 140 mins/turnover with speed control invertor
Dough Mixing Machine Working Voltage 220 V/3 Phase- 380 (triphase)
Dough Mixing Machine Bowl Dimension Diameter: 76 cm
Machine dimensions 140 cm x 100 cm  x 105 cm
Weight 300 kg


With top reductor engine mixing speed can be set between 1 mins/turnover and 140 mins/turnover the dough in the bowl is more homogen.
Dough Mixing Machine has product mixing boiler made from complete stainless plate and stainless material
Dough Mixing Machine has product molding (mixing) apparatus made from complete stainless plate and stainless material
New design, standard; complete stainless protection cage made from lama, rod and source attachment
With thick stainless lama down to the boiler center vertically, high speed in the molding process,
Produced from complete stainless material when its protection cage is opened safe life secure usage with the dough Mixing machine,
By the self-reverse material boiler quick material producing, short dough making periodÔÇŽ
2 separate reductors for each boiler and mixing apparatus a problem-free dough Mixing machine,
In the Dough Mixing Machine reductor gear and beds designed to prevent vibration and noise
It has reverse direction turning boiler and mixing apparatus for more efficient mixing,
Simple and efficient command ability
In the Dough Mixing Machine high resistant chrome feet which help to attach to the floor properly
Suitable design for difficult and various reason mixing work,
Ergonomic and class outlook external structure,
Last paint and polish made with extreme care


Dough Mixing Machine Under 2 year guarantee (This valid inside the borders of Turkey-For mass sales made abroad, replacement parts are given with no fee.)
15 year replacement part stock guarantee. (Charged with service fee)
English Information Call Center 00-90-534-553-3-592
Turkish Call 00-90-212-237-0-749


Note: Our Firm, because of constant product developments, keep its right to change the features, shape, technical changes on the Dough Mixing Machine.

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Classic Fork Dough Mixing Machine and Spiral Arm Dough Mixing machine you can make all kinds of dough related work and you can mix Lahmacun dough Baklava dough Savory pastry dough and Pitta dough. Dough Mixing machines are suitable for use of small, medium and big businesses according to their size, it is a hard-working and durable product. You can fill it number of times and Mixer dough. We believe it will be very helpful to you while Mixing dough. Call 0212 2370749


With its spiral arm mixer this spiral dough Mixing machineÔÇÖs mixer armÔÇÖs turning speed can be adjusted with the potentiometer on it easily. You can┬ámix dough as you wish. 0212 2370749

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